Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I leave a comment on a post/page?

This website does not store user-generated content like comments. Instead, we capture user-generated content using Webmentions. Basically, if you are posting your comment on a webmention-compatible website, then it should automatically be capture by the corresponding page.

As an alternative, you can reply to any of the syndicated social media links that are usually mentioned at the end of a post/page. The syndicated links can be easily spotted by the “Interact with this post on…” placeholder. Then, your interactions with the syndicated content will be automatically captured.

If you want to capture a webmention from a non-compatible website, you can do so at this link using the service.

That’s it! Easy, right? ☺️

NOTE: I have temporarily disabled showing webmention on the website as I work on a hosting solution that would still keep the website withing the “no third-party requests” scope.

What is a webmention?

A webmention is a new (as of 2017) way to connect content hosted on different websites, as described in the related W3C recommendation.

How do you send webmentions from this site?

This website sends webmentions via Telegraph.

🕵️ Do you track your users?

No, we do not: we are produly tracker-free! 💪

Still, the IP of visitors might be recorded by the website hosts.

For more details, check our Terms of Service.

🍪 Do you use cookies?

No, we do not: we are proudly cookie-free! (you can go to the dark side for those 😉)

For more details, check our Terms of Service.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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