Welcome to the Jungle!

Last updated on November 18, 2023

Welcome to my new garden 🏡 🌳

I decided to explore a the world of PKM a bit and, after playing for years with Notion, Taskade, Obsidian, and other services, I felt like the time had come to make my jungle public! To begin with, I integrated the `digital-garden-jekyll-template by Maxime Vaillancourt to my Jekyll website, and I will start tweaking it soon enough.

I am so curious to see how this garden will grow and hopefully flourish 🌻


This is just a first tiny seedling of the jungle, so… a few TODOs to fully integrate it with the website:

  • ✅ Make the garden searchable via Lunr
  • Enable Lunr in the garden
  • Retain global header/footer in the garden

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