Behind the curtain

This website is published via Jekyll, a ruby-based static-webpage generator, and hosted by GitHub Pages.


We do not handle cookies, but in the future there might be exceptions where cookies are handled by third-party service providers. We will add more details here if and when this will be the case. Still, please, note that we always use only GDPR-compliant service providers. For more details on what “GDPR” is, please refer to this page.

For clarity, here is the list of the cookies we use:

Remote services

Here is a list of remote services used by this website:

  • We use to retrieve the latest versions of bootstrap scripts and stylesheets.
  • We use GoogleFonts on this website, and import them directly from and On the topic of fonts, we also use FontAwesome for some icons (via
  • This website is generated via Jekyll with the jemoji plugin, which serves emojis by GitHub (via
  • For user interactions, we adopted the Webmention recommendation. See here for more details about it.


The theme of this website is based on the Mediumish Jekyll Theme by, although it has now been deeply changed on both back- and front-end sides.


Filopoetica by Gabriele Girelli is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at Creative Commons License