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A new skin!

A new skin!

We ( just got ourselves a new skin, based on the sleek TeXt theme.

Let’s be honest, it’s been way too long since I stopped by to write something. Also, the website started to look a bit messy, with unfinished posts, unkept promises, and a lot of random stuff in the main section. And let’s not forget that Inktober is getting closer! I really want a space (other than Instagram) where to post my daily sketches. :pencil:

That’s why I decided to freshen this space up a bit with the TeXt theme developed by Tian Qi (田琦) (let’s give the man a shoutout! :clap::clap::clap:). TeXt is a super smooth, minimal and sleek Jekyll theme with a wonderful number of tricks up its sleeve. I’m looking forward to making full use of them, and maybe introduce some new ones to the machine behind the curtains! :wink:

So, setting everything up was just the first step. Now I’ll do my best to post in a periodic manner, and re-post the old stuff at the same time (it would be such a waste to lose it forever, wouldn’t it?).