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Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle

There is a concept out on the internet of second brains and digital gardens: islands hosting a compilation of personal knowledge with different degrees of structure.

I have always been charmed by such concept, where people share notes, thoughts, and experiences in a less structured format, when compared to a classical blog, with the main purpose of personal consumption, yet being publicly accessible.

To do that, I integrated the digital-garden-jekyll-template by Maxime Vaillancourt to the site. I believe this is the right time to do it, since last summer GitHub finally added custom actions workflows for github pages deployment, thus making the template compatible with my setup πŸŽ‰

You can enter my digital β€œjungle” either from the 🌱 Jungle link the header or from the website root page.

I have not a clear plan on how the garden will grow and develop, hence why the nickname of a β€œJungle” (I also liked the hint to the Guns N’ Roses hit). What I do know is that I will be leaving fragments and notes there, that might eventually level up to a proper blog post.

Still, a couple of TODOs are left for full integration (e.g., full search access via ctrl+m) and usability (sidebar index, header/footers, …), but those will come in the following weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy! 🌱


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Welcome to the jungle
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