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Weekly journal

This week I kept up with my gym plans, so all is good on that end. 🧘

On Tuesday, I went to see the Traviata at the opera house with some friends. Truly a masterpiece, I enjoyed it a lot! On Thursday, we went for a Lord of the Rings Movie Quiz but did not fare that well. To be honest, we expected questions on the soundtrack but, in the end, there were none 😓 On Saturday we had another home-made quiz, which was super fun!

Also, Inktober finally started! Last year I did not manage to keep up with it until the end, let’s see what will happen this year. October will most likely be the busiest month of the year so far… I sketched a quick Gargoyle from Notre Dame de Pairs (the cover of this post, you can also see it on Instagram). At some point in the coming weeks, I’ll make a post for the sketches of Inktober 2021. And then for this year’s one too!

Earlier today I participated in another Indieweb event. As usual, a lot of friendly faces and inspiration for projects and books! I had a lot of fun 🥳

Website’s updates

I have disabled showing webmentions on the website. Every time a page with webmention was loaded, a third-party request would be triggered towards While this sounds okay, I would prefer to avoid it. So, while maintaining support for webmentions, showing them is temporarily disabled. The plan is to work on a small Jekyll plugin that would query at website generation and populate the comment section correctly.

About this, avatars would have to be downloaded and stored or be replaced by a randomly generated one with the option for the user to open the original one. I would prefer the second option, so as not to risk infringing any copyright on those images.

I have also started working on increasing website accessibility. One of the steps towards that was actually removing (possibly temporarily, maybe permanently) the share buttons from every page. More details to come!

🎼 Song of the week

  • Acoustic cover of Fleetwood Mac’s dream by Stories ft. Lily Kershaw.
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