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Weekly journal

Finally refreshed the sourdough! 💪 I am happy to say that it survived my laziness, and it turned into four beautiful pizzas (now stocked in the freezer for the upcoming lazy days) 🍕

Today I went to the Kungliga Operan, with a friend visiting from Spain, to attend “DICE™️ at the OPERA”: a concert designed to celebrate 30 years of videogame music. It was a lovely experience, with the only downside being that from the highest balcony it was impossible to see part of the performance. So, if you are planning to go to the next installation on October 28-29th, I’d recommend booking central sits on the first or second balcony instead! If you are curious about the performance, you can find the trailer on the website of Kungliga Operan.

🎼 Song of the week

  • “Stay” by ASHE ft. Léonie Gray.
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